Coastal Kayaks

Bringing the Paddle to the People!

As we launch our brand new line of kayaks into a market that is ready to see kayaks designed by paddlers for paddlers, Coastal Kayaks wants YOU to be part of the process.  Check out our innovative R&D Team program to find out how YOU can help us fine tune the first few models of Coastal Kayaks which we are developing with our friends at Winner Kayaks.

After the first round of R&D Team input we are extremely excited about the boats we are bringing to market.  By continuing to involve paddlers of all skill levels in our design process we will do all we can to ensure that Coastal Kayaks are your kayak of choice when it’s time to get on the water.  Join the team and tell us what you want from your Coastal Kayak.  We’ll take your input and set our engineers to work meeting your goals and expectations.  But we can’t do it without you.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS.